Important Tips a Massage Client Should Know

When you go for a massage in a spa, you should know that you have rights that should be respected. Unfortunately, most of the people are not aware that these rights exist and they take everything that is thrown their way. Below is a list of things you ought to know when seeking massage services:

  • You should be in total control of the session: As a client, you have the right to speak against anything that makes you uncomfortable and you can ask the massage therapist to change.
  • You should not feel pain when being massaged: Pain is not a sign of a great massage session neither is it a normal occurrence during all massage sessions. If you feel pain, tell your therapist that h you are hurting and request him to change.

If he still insists on going on with what is causing you pain, request her to end the session and ask her to leave the massage room so that you can get dressed. You have the right to end the session if it is not going your way.

  • You do not have to remove all your clothes: There is no rule that says that a massage will only be carried out if you are completely naked. When the therapist asks you to undress, you have a right to leave any piece of clothing that you would be uncomfortable without.
  • If you choose to get on with the massage with your clothes on, ensure that the therapist will be able to work without the clothes’ interruption.

Avoid slippery fabrics like a legging or a tight and go for cotton clothes which are loose and will be easily shifted when the need arises.

  • You have the right to either engage in a conversation or remain silent during a massage: Most massage therapists are trained on how to be good listeners without judging their clients. If you feel like venting out your feelings, the therapist should listen and if possible provide support. If it is an issue that needs professional help, the therapist may direct you to a professional.

If on the other hand, you choose to remain silent and get into meditation, daydream or even sleep, you have the right. You only need to politely ask the therapist to allow you get some quiet time.

  • You can bring your massage lotion when coming for the massage: When going for a massage, you can enquire the oils used during a massage and if you are not comfortable having that brand used on your skin, you can request them to allow you carry your own oil.

Some Spas especially those that have more than one branch are known to use the cheapest available brand which could harm your skin.

  • Giving a tip or avoiding it is your choice: Though not every spa allows the giving of tips, some spas encourage the practice. It is your right to either choose to give a tip or choose not to.
  • Giving a tip is a form f appreciation and you can give it if you feel that the therapist has gone out of his way to make you have the best service.

A massage session should be enjoyable and an opportunity to make you relax and let go of all the stress. If anything stresses you, speak up so that the relevant changes can be made to make you as comfortable as possible.