Colored Lash Extensions

If you are a woman who wants to have that bold look, you can go for the colored lash extensions which will give you an outstanding look. Below are the advantages of the colored lash extensions:

  • You will have a more enhanced look: Unlike non-colored lashes which are made to look like your natural lashes, the colored lashes are available in different tones with some being wild while other will give you a subdued look.
  • Colored lashes bring out your eye color and you can ask the therapist to choose a color that compliments and also accents your eyes. For a person with green eyes, the best color is purple; for the blue eyes, the lashes should be green in color while a person with blue eyes should apply blue eyelashes.
  • You can choose a color that compliments the color of your hair and your dressing as well. With these lashes, you will not have to apply a makeup that complements the dressing as the lash extensions already did it for you.
  • You do not have to use a single color of the lash extensions; you can combine colors to give you the effect you desire to have. You will achieve more with the colored lashes that you would if you were only using mascara.
  • Applying colored lash extensions saves the time you would have spent adding color to your eyes and you can spend this time doing other productive stuff.

Disadvantages of colored lashes

  • It is more expensive than the ordinary lashes: to apply the tint on the lashes, you will need professional help as it can be messy if done at home. This will add more expenses to the lash application process.
  • A person with a sensitive skin may develop complications as a result of the chemicals used in making the dye. The complications could either be irritation, burns, or even temporary blindness. To avoid this, you should do a patch test to gauge how your skin will react to the colored lashes.
  • Colored lashes are not approved by FDA: You will be applying the colored lashes at your own risk as the FDA does not approve of them. According to this regulatory body, they could lead to irritation of the eyes or blindness if the dye gets into the eyes.
  • It consumes more time to get the lash extensions dyed and then applied. You will, therefore, have to arrive at the spa earlier and take more time to have the process completed. Application of the non-colored lashes will take less time to apply and can be done on short notice.

The eyes are a very sensitive part of your body and you need to be very careful with anything you do around the eyes. You would not want to suffer from serious complications like blindness in an attempt to look different. If you have a sensitive skin, do not just follow what is tending as you may end up not looking so good. Follow professional advice before applying anything on your eyes and always consider getting services from a good spa that is operated by professionals.