Eyewear during a Laser Hair Removal Procedure

When carrying out a laser hair removal procedure, the eyewear is the most important equipment that should be worn by everyone inside the room where the procedure is being carried out. Most of the accidents affecting the eyes during this procedure are as a result of failure to wear the eyewear, wearing it in the wrong way, or wearing a damaged eyewear.

Every laser emits a different wavelength of radiation and the eyewear worn must have an equal wavelength with what the laser machine is emitting. If the wavelength is not the same, it will not protect you against the radiation from the laser machine.

Below are important points to note concerning the eyewear in the process of laser hair removal:

  • You should only use an eyewear that the laser’s manufacturer recommends that has a wavelength equal to that of the laser machine. The eyewear must also have the required optical density.
  • The eyewear must fit properly on the face to enable it to offer the right protection against the radiation.
  • Always ensure that everyone in the room where the procedure is ongoing has the eyewear on before you turn on the machine.
  • An extra eyewear should be placed outside the door leading to the laser room in case an emergency occurs and another person has to enter the room when the process is ongoing.
  • The eyewear should be stored in a non-transparent case as the coating can be ruined when exposed to daylight severally.
  • Never use an eyewear if it is cracked or does not fit as it will allow light to penetrate into the eyes through the small gaps.
  • Never focus directly on the beam or its reflection even when you have the eyewear on.
  • When cleaning the eyewear, avoid the use of harsh chemicals; use what the manufacturer recommends to avoid causing damage to the eyewear.

Always remember that any damage to the retina can never be repaired and if a customer sues you and says you failed to provide protective eyewear during the process of laser hair removal, it may cost you your profession and may even lead to the closure of your business.

The ordinary goggles cannot protect you from laser radiation and should never be used in place of the eyewear recommended by the laser’s manufacturer.

If the eyewear given had a crack that was not detected before and you accidentally look into the laser radiation, you may experience a temporary flash blindness and get some afterimages. This is a normal response and not a sign of eye injury, just like how the eye reacts to the flash of a camera.

After a period of five to ten minutes, the effect should have faded off. If it does not go away after ten minutes, the retina could have been damaged but it will heal in a duration of a few weeks or even a few days depending on how long your body takes to get oven an infection. To stay safe during the process of a laser hair removal process, keep your eyes shut most of the time as this is the only way you can be sure that the beams will not get into your eyes.